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Our Mission

American parents are engaged in a struggle for the souls and bodies of their children. Who will decide what world view will prevail - parent or state?

Recently, the Republican dominant U.S. House of Representatives passed Parental Rights legislation. Currently, 15 states have statutes that define and protect parental rights. Alabama is not one of them.

One side of the partisan debate believes that parents should be the dominant voice in their children’s lives with support from the pulpit and the classroom. The other side of the debate considers recognizing the innate right of parents to control the material to which their children are exposed as “fascism.” The U.S. Department of Justice famously labeled parents publicly advocating for their children as “domestic terrorists,” thus throwing down the gauntlet for a showdown of democratic principles versus an authoritarian state.

The Baldwin County Alabama Education Work Team (BCAEWT) studied teaching materials used in the classroom and reported their findings to the Alabama State Department of Education as well as local school boards and legislators. They were met with praise for the quality of their work; nonetheless, no action ensued on their recommendations for remediation of unacceptable material. (ALStudentsFirst.com)

The time is now ripe for advocating for Alabama’s children at all levels, especially in public education. That is the mission of Alabama Students First Advocates (ASFA). Whether reviewing and opposing textbooks or online teaching material; seeking to halt the introduction of the “queer agenda” and the sponsoring of drag queen shows in classrooms, public libraries or other forums; ending teachers, school nurses or any school personnel from administering medications of any kind, including birth control or any gender change medical treatment, or referring for abortion; blocking critical theories, especially racially charged ideologies such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), ASFA will speak out respectfully and factually to oppose any acts by the state to interfere or subjugate parental rights in public education.  

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